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Founded in 1993 and initial three people begin an undertaking and developuntil now Jinan Sanxing Lighting Co., Ltd. is anintegrated, professional outdoor lighting company focusing on research anddevelopment , design, production, sale and service.

Our products are including all kinds of outdoor products, as garden lightlandscape light street lightspot lighttunnel lightlawn light and so on , 10 series and more than300 kinds. with centering on independent research and developmenttechnological innovation. thecompany has a leading lighting product testing center, the light distributiontest laboratory, light color electricity integrated test laboratory, safetytest laboratory, high and low temperature test laboratory, dustproof testlaboratory and waterproof test laboratory, every product from design to push tothe market, must go through a set of scientific design and rigorous process fromthe appearance designers' creative design to structure designers’ reasonablestructure design, to the optical designers’ scientific optical design, eachlink to be refine on; from the selection of raw materials, the parts of theprocessing, and then to finished product assembly, every step has to bestrictly inspected, ensure that the quality of each product confirms to therigorous test of market and get high recognition from customers.

The company has passed the ISO9001 qualitymanagement system certificationISO14001 environment managementsystem certificationOHSAS18001 occupation healthand safety management system certification3C certificationCQC certificationChina energy-savingproduct certificationEuropean CE certificationand has won"the high-tech enterprises", "trustworthy company strictlyabided by contract", " The best engineering quality award" andother awards. Moreover, it has won dozens of the national patents and nationalscience and technology progress awards.

After twenty years of painstaking work, inproducts innovation the company  hasexplored a unique way-"cultural lighting" as the core design concept ,and“Light the city by culture” as the company’s new strategic positioning ,withsystem building in products and service,Push the outdoor lighting industry upgrading from low-quality productscompetitive to high-end city cultural lighting creative direction.

According to the style characteristics of different products, formed aginkgo, splendor, shine forever like the sun and the moon and other products asthe representative of modern fashion culture series, formed emperorpeakflourish asthe representative of the traditional history and culture series, formed soarprospect mainstay  as the representative of  the city theme culture series .it hasachieved the perfect combination combinationcombination of the China culturalelements and modern lighting technology, fully demonstrated the unique city withspecial history culture and time spirit.

Jinan Sanxing Lighting Co., LTD is leading theChinaoutdoor lighting industryopen a new era-culture lighting

we have get high reputation and praise as it’s high quality and perfect service, ,our products are sold allover the country and the international market. when night falls, and light the”China light ”, whether it is running in the wide avenue, or walking in thequiet park road; whether it is walking in the bustling commercial district, or stollingin City Plaza; whether go to the historic and cultural city, or to the moderncity; you can see all kinds of outdoor lighting products which is supplied by Jinan Sanxing Lighting CO.,LTD.it can not only give you the comfortable and cheerful lighting experience, butalso give the modern cities beautiful scenery to upgrade taste.

After more than 20 years of growth, 20 years of culturaltradition, Jinan Sanxing Lighting Co., LTD always adhere to the corporatemission of "continuing to create value for customers, to help employeessucceed”, and corporate dream of "centennial quality, centennialSanxing", make the classics by quality lead the fashion withinnovation ,light the city by culture.

Sanxing Lighting , light the city by culture.


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